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A philosopher, from ancient greek philos, love and sophia, wisdom, is an individual whom has a love for the strive to wisdom and questions the world and everything within in search for truth.


Practicing philosophy is in my opinion not an academical high discipline or reserved for the high educated and noble ones among us but a part of a daily struggle we are all living in. In my opinion it should be a state of mind for every being which is striving for autonomy, for freedom, for truth and for a live well lived. It is the idea of being allowed to question the world and it's facts with a critical mind to seek clearness in the shadows. Every individual has its own life to live so every individual has its own approach to philosophical thinking. For me as a craftsman, it is a pragmatic approach to the world. What use is it if it is of no use?

In my philosophical texts on my page I hope you consider that I am not an academic or an office worker but my approach is more a blue-collar approach on philosophy. Therefore the title monkeywrench-philosopher.


To my studies on philsophy, I am mostly following these individuals:

Heraklite, Platon, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Lao Tse, Musashi Myamoto,John Muir, Karl Marx, Wittgenstein, Friedrich Nietzsche, Slavoy Zicek, Markus Gabriel

Archimedes, Epicurus, Nils Bohr, Bruce Lee and Focault are still on my pile of shame.


We should teach our children to be more like philosophers than celebrities. One of our problems is that everyone wants to be fame, everone is a follower or an influencer but seldom they ask themselves, is this the light? Or just shadows on the cavewall? And what is the way out of the darkness? I think this way of thinking can be learned and should be learned, but is teached far to seldom. Phiosophers, that are people brooding ofer ancient books in dusty libaries in high towers, imagine here Saruman the white, or shady academics without a personal life or influence or relevance. And that picture is wrong. We all need clarity, we all need the ability to seek wisdom and truth instead of being dependent what the media want us to think about the truth.

Get a life. Read a book. Find out how stuff works. Just do it.




Published on  28.10.2023