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Celtic reconstructionalism

Celtic Reconstructionism or in short celtic recon is the attempt to explore, to reconstruct a mindset, a believe.

How does Reconstructionism works the classic way?
One draws attention to the sources, the findings, the scientific reports, the papers and the thoughts of doctors, professors, pagans, witches, mystics and shamen. One take this shards. They are incomplete, scratched, grinded at the edges and one tries without any instruction , without any possibility to verify to shape a structure. It is not avoidable that one has it's own intention how this structure should possibly look like and with this expactations one construct his or her structure piece by piece. If one is lucky he or she gets a construct which has a more or less a inner logical matrix, which is harmonic. But you can't get all the pieces, that's why one fill the gaps with pieces from similiar cultural or religios shards from similar Systems, for that they made sense within the inner logic of the structure.

We didn't have models of reference in celtic reconstrucionalism . We have no blueprint, no comparsional photography how the result should look like. Every IKEA built-in kittchen is easier to erect, without instructions and with different screws from other manufacturers. With particular parts from other kittchens and not suited for our kittchenroom layout. For bothering a picturesque comparsion from modern times, for building a plastical pictore of what we are talking about. The result is not the famous shiny kittchen out of the prospects but a makeshift, the attempt of a reconstruction, but only as far as we can sort htings out and can imagine how it could be like. Our imagination is the border of our possibilities of reconstruction.

But celtic reconstrucionalism has not only a academic approach to the past. One has an intention, a aim for the personal work of reconstruction. In every individual attempt of reconstruction mirrors the intentions of the individual, his or hers personal state of knowledge, the individual mode of operation, the individual cultural and personal background and even more unmeasured factors.

Everyone has to find out by his or her self which intention one has . I think you can say in common it is the will to want to believe. The attempt to respect the believe with right and appropiate rites. The desire for deeper knowledge and insight. Personal growth. Just to name some examples. This examples musn't fit for you, dear reader, but I think I made the main intention of most of the pagans right and try to take this intentions as base of an argument.

In the works of the israelic Professor Harari, he discusses the topic of perception, conceptbuilding and believe in concepts. One of his statements is, what one can not undone past events, because humans have not only evolved in a technical and cultural aspects but also in cognitive and in self perception. Seen can't be made unseen, learned not unlearned. That means for us, that we can only portray, only play a caricature of the primal belief of the ancient celts. Of course we, the modern people in the Federal Republik of Germany didn't want regulary no slavery, no death penalty, no infant murder and no human sacrifices. For sure we live in civilised times, no sarcasm. Of course most people didn't want that today, exeptions prove the rule. But how will one make up a proper reconstruction with that twists and gaps, modern taboos and thinkcrimes? I think it is neither possible nor desirable.
But for all who want exatly that, the human sacrifices, the patriarchy, the death penalty, war, torture, rape, sacral kings and mighty priests should be said that even you can't rethink, create, errect a reconstruction. I will tell you why, my opinion about that topic.

The believe, the world-view of a human is defined by the size of his or her universe. A farmer at the river Rhine 100 BCE had a very small event horizon. Meaning the size of the universe known to him, not his personal intelligence. What does this farmer knows about the universe? Does he know Africa and Asia? America, Antartica and Australia? Does he know the shape of our solar system, which form our earth has or how the laws of physics behave?What does he know about biology, chemistry, sociology, economy or ecology? To make things clear, this people weren't stupid. But they have had worked with lesser ideals, many ideas had to have thought in the first place and because of the ways of communications and the transportation of knowledge wasn't develop as far as today. Concepts we grew up with by birth were not common for that farmer, maybe not even thinkable from his point of view. His world was even smaller geographical. What does the farmer know about Lutetia? About the Higlands? About the woods of the german tribes?

Letting your gaze wandering to the present, looking at ones own country, let beside other countries, peoples, continents, you can find out that the most different groups exist parallel which have different point of views about the universe, the worth of values, the reality. As said, this were no statements about the intellectual abilities, skills and characteristics. Under this conditions it should be difficult, I would say impossible to reinstall an original celtic reconstruction whis is liveable and believeable.

But I must say that I personally didn't not think that paganism or polytheism is obsolete. The question is how to approach the topic. And how to name? It is not reconstruction, maybe Renessaince? Maybe it is a transformation.

PErsonally I see my personal quest in the coming years in this expedition. Finding out what the possible future of celtic paganism may be and after a longer personal break coming up again with shares. I don't know if there will be an open forum again in the future for the interactive discurse for several personal reasons.


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Published on  21.01.2023