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Code of ethics

The CeltoiNet is a platform distributed by me, Boduos.

Therefore I feel the need to declare ethical standards in this times according to what I belief is the nature of todays paganism or should be, if not so many Anmatoi would ran around.

The ethical standards of this boards as I declare them in my belief that they are pagan:

I declare that, neither racism, nor sexism or facism is tolerated here and that any Anmatoi will be dismissed. Go and find a place for you and your kindred and leave me alone. I can stand you anymore with your foul ideals and false actions. Do not to try to argue with me, I am not interested in your Dystopia and hatred.



None should be harmed by the the color of the skin.

None should be harmed by ones sex.

None should be harmed by ones heritage.

None should be harmed by the name or names of his God or Gods.

None should be harmed by his ideals or ideas if long he or she did not violate the right to be alive on his or her own favour. This Anmatoi are not welcomed, nor should they expect hospitality or kindness. Your are anmatos. Go away and do not bother my circles, my hearth, my kindred nor my homestead.

It is a bitter truth that seems to be necessary to speak this out loud, but I feel that I must. I will not tolerate any Anmatoi any longer.

When I feel the need I will make additions to this code of ethics.

Published on  24.02.2018