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  A detail of a mosaic flooring from a Roman Villa, Corinth, circa 2nd century BCE (Corinth Archaeological Museum)

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In my opinion nowadays Dionysos or Bacchus is one of the most underestimated gods commonly known to the broad public. Something with wine, something with party....

I must admit that I was not very interested too until I stumbled on a video about the dionysian and the appolonian principle in Star Wars represented by the Sith and the Jedi based on the work of Friedrich Nietzsche in his book "The birth of the tragedy from the spirit of music". So I read Nietzsche and afterwards I did some research about Dionysos to understand and I did not even reached Apoll till now because this topic is so deep and rich and multifacetted. It is like stumbling into a shallow lake and finding oneself into an ocean. So. I like to share my research on this topic for the interested ones.

Please remember my note about historical sources when dive into this topic. I  try to paint a full and rich picture with my notes, but we still handle fragments and stick them together into some kind of narrative timeline.


The abduction of Kore

Impregnation of Persephone

The killing of Zagreus

Semele and the first birth of Dionysos

Zeus and the second birth of Dionysos

Growing up with Hermes

The wrath of Lycurgus

The travels of Dionysos

The thyrrenic pirates

Pentheus and the Bacchae

Ariadne and Dionysos





Published on  31.12.2023