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What is belief? What are gods? This questions were and are answered and  attributed different by each individual. What I write here should not be understood as one and only truth or law, it is my try to express my Understanding of the nature of things. It is up to you what you make of it.

I was haunted by the topic what truth is, what reality is und how poltheism fit into it, how it works by contemporary understanding. I do not want to use esoteric crutches like some metaphysical stuff sort of thing or Ether or something else but are driven to work with what is known from the objective universe.

I defined the term "polymemetic" by myself. I don't know wether it exist before to describe this topic or another topic up to today, I am still readiong about the related topics. If there are any collisions of definition I would be glad for a reference.

Polymemetic is a term describing the fusion of polytheism and memetik. Instead of a metaphysical theistic view I will focus on the memetic view. Polymemetic is a philosophical method of approach of understanding the cosmos on the contrary to the theistic or animistic point of view. In a universe of just physics that is as great and marvelous I have no need for furter metaphysics.

History will absolve me.

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For some time I was busy thinking of what reality really is. It seems to be that it is not the same for everyone, but how can that be? Apparantly the idea is not only occupying me but also lot of other people and I tried to aproximate that question with a philosophical approach. I like the idea of myself having it done, just a little bit, like the druids, which seems to were not only religious leaders, healer, judges and historicans but also natural philosophers. As I said, I am into philosophy nowadays.

On a talk on the Chaos Computer Club Congress, which I reviewed in the internet one sentence was spoken which I find very incisive and accept to be true. "We are in this universe only aware with our sensors and brains.". One can not only hack Hillary Clinton or the german goverment but also reality itself too, and this happens since humankind has organized societies.

What is real? Yuval Noah Harari wrote that one can define reality roughly into three categories.

Objective Reality

Objective reality is the sum of all that is, everything sorrounding us, without interpretation, filter and ideology. The raw, dense flood of information, energy and matter. There is no intelligence known to us which has access to to this reality.

Reality, objective reality is that remains when no human is present. It is indipendently of us existent and present.

Subjective Reality

The subjective reality is the universe of the individual, which is provided with a  limited set of senses, which is temporarly and locally high restricted and with a more or less specialised interpretative organ, the brain. What our senses perceive, photons on the retina, wavemotions in the atmosphere, temperature variations and collisions there interpreted by the brain to pictures, sounds, a freezing, a fondling. This reality is only ours alone.

Subjective reality is the world as I feel it.

Intersubjective Reality 

The intersubjective reality is a shared realness, a network out of language, shared experiences, collective assumptions about the world and ideas. It is a picture of which several people believe that it represent reality and on which they decided to agree. Belief, worldview, ideology. This is all intersubjective reality if it is shared by several individuals. A picture of the world of which we belief how it could be.

Intersubjective reality is the reality of which we collectively decided it have to be true.

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Memes are a relatively new field of research. The term was at it is coined by Richard Dawkins 1976 in his book "the selfish gene". Dawkins is amongst other things evolutionary biologist and coined this term as a symbol for an unit of information which spread like genes and evolve on the way. Mem is an artificial word which refers to gene and also to the words memory and mime.

Human characterize itself as so many other animal species through its pattern recognition. This is by the way also the cause for sometimes not seeing the obious, because in this very moment we did not recognize the pattern. Memes in context to polymemetics are in my opinion pattern in the universe which are recognized and named. The procession of the sun, the behaviour and the appereance of the moon with the observed mutual reactions. Rain, wetting the earth and letting the plants grow. Lightning and thunder and storm. This structures, this pattern forms by observation the imagination of the forces which interact in the universe, sometimes humanlikes, sometimes as animals or hybrids. This concept of giving ideas a humanlike form is called anthropomorphism.

In my opinion is the existence of a thundergod evident. Wether it is Zeus, Thor, Donar, Jupiter, Perun or Taranus, the described phenomena is existent and the gods as mem also, but not as individuals. I stand for the opinion  that every deity for itself is correct, but not all gods of a kind are immanations of a principle. One have to see them in their own context. Each cosmology in itself is an isle of reality, a universe by itself and in this memplex is each of the individual thundergods authentical. To demand that all this deities were one and all of the comologies are the same is nonsense. They all describe the same universe, but each for itself delivers an original truth, an intersubjective reality.

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In my understanding religion is not science. Science is working strict empirical through experiments and verifications, is falsifiable and selfcritical and I don't want to dismiss it. Religion is for me what humankind had before the physics to made itself an picture of the cosmos, that is, what both have in common.

Dawkins refers to religion as the "unscientific method".

Both, science and religion define us what is real and what is binding the worlds inside. Both serving to the understanding of beeing, handing a picture of the universe and it laws. The religions and science come naturally to different conclusions. The modern science is compared to religion a relatively new and modern discipline and philosophy and works with permanent selfcriticism and renuvation, there religion is more or less conservative and inert and can come to "wrong" conclusions.

There was mathematics, mechanics, rethorics and more disciplines in the old days, but none of them was  structuated and reglementated as the modern sciences with its doctrin of open conclusioness and falsifiabliation.

Religion is not science. But religion was before science.

Religion is by principle organised faith. Through organisation there are automatically hierarchies and authorities, mechanics of controll. Religion is protecting its ideas for which it stand against alien ideas from the outside which can endanger its inner structure and assimilates the ideas which strengthen it and gave it positive opportunities.

Religion give us truth, a cosmology, which explain the known universe and the laws which it follows. The movement of the sun through the sky by a divine charioteer, monsters which let the earth shake and causing earthquakes, gods which throw lightnings and let plants grows. All this there explanationpatterns for a in itself closed universe of experience and observation. We remind us, our reality is formed out of experience and observation.

Science is not a religion, not a theistic system. But one has science in common with religion, what it is a system to explain the world to us. The tools are the scientific method and analysis, the basic philosophy that knowledge can always be expanded and that there is no ultimative correct knowledge, but just knowledge which can proven wrong and replaced with new knowledge.


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Yuval Noah Harari

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Published on  21.01.2023