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Personal growth and the individual journey

I often have the feeling that some people just grew old. They didn´t develop themselves, didn´t grow, didn´t get wiser or better or gain new skills, or better said, that is the feeling I have often about some of the other people crawling together with the rest of us on the surface of the planet.


When I read about the old ones, like for example Cuchullain in the Tain who had solved his personal quest before he died in battle learning the skills and mystery of the warrior path from the old crone Scatach or the offering of the Allfather in the branches of Yggdrasil in the Edda, the thought came to me.

Maybe, just think about it for a second, it is essential for beeing a pagan, part of our way of living and seeing the world to look out for ones personal high quest, a life long journey involving personal growth and defeat obstacles to reach out for a higher aim, striving for an ideal. That beeing really alive must involve permanent growth and development.

Question is where in our capitalistic modern world in which everything is valued by its usability and accessibility within the market is the place for not beeing a human ressource but instead a real human? How can we in our modern world be alive and kicking instead of making a career and develop businessskills.

They have gone so far and made out a careerskill, a talent for the salesman from the art of weaving stories, the noble craft of storytelling handed down through shamens, bards and skalds and poets and grandfathers and grandmothers all through history. Its just another businessskill today, what a wonderful, wonderful brave new world.

Experience itself is downgraded from a path to knowledge and the mystery of being and reality, of feel and live to just another socialising and teambuilding activitiy to gain new social skills. You can buy an experience with minimized risks and full support and insurance paket on every corner. Controlled risk they say.

But enough complaining. I am working on some ideas about personal growth on my own and I think now is the time that I can write them down, bit per bit.  Could be interesting.

In my believe, especially as a pagan, we are all on a journey on our own. We travel, meet other people, gain skills, develop and grow bigger and stronger and wiser. We are all on a archetypical path, some of us are warriors, some of us are healers. Some of us are teachers, some of us are sheppards. It is my belief that we only can develop ourselves conciously when we recognized who we really are. Not what society want us to be. Maybe society wants yo to be a servant guard, but your inner self is a naked dancing shamen witch princess priestess. Who knows? Only we can find it out by ourselves.

The way to recognize ourself and to develop us is, what I want to work with. In my opinion a true pagan work what can make us ourselves strong and healthy individuals shining bright as the sun and walk like giants among dwarves over the earth. Personalities, real individuals. I think it is those people we are missing nowadays. Real people, not that fake stars.

Published on  21.01.2023