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#journal 2017 03 10

2017 Mars 10 Captain Fantastic

Bought that movie "Captain Fantastic" with Viggo Mortinson today. I could not help me but it touched me on several levels and topics.

- The training method of the Cash-family reminds me of the methodé naturelle by Georges Herbert. I first heard of that about half a year ago. Georges Herbert had the idea of living a useful live in terms in beeing useful to the society.

- The homeschooling of the Cash-family shown in the film did impress me for about the range of the topics, the open and honest kind to treat each other and the deepness of the thoughts of the kids. They had no idea whats going on in the world and the people, but were each little philosophers.

- The spirituality, the tolerance and respect for other thoughts and believe (except christianity, LOL) was interesting. The Family is not homogenous in believes or thoughts. The late mother was a buddhist and given by the Hammer of Thor around the fathers neck he seems to be an Asatru?

In my opinion the movie is all about living a meaningful live. Living a meaningful live in midst of meaningless lives, most people had choosen to live. It's a thing lot of pagans are looking for, even if they didn't know what they are looking for.

On a scale of 5 stars this movie gets 4 Stars for being a great film, one star missing because there was so much to tell, so much to see what the film misses for having the standard length.


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Published on  10.03.2017