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#journal 2017 03 14

#journal 2017 03 14 Communication Breakdown

What happend to discussions in the internet? I think I remember a time in which people really changed arguments, discussed on a friendly level with each other, shared ideas and so on. Not everything was fine. Of course not, there were assholes and trolls and idiots but also great people, wonderful folks and great discussions.

Nowadays, when I have a look round the social-web landscape the blogs and the forums, Facebook, Twitter and Diaspora and the commentary rows it felt like people only share other peoples content, telling bullshit, posting selfies or insult each other. Sometimes it feels like everyone can only discuss and change arguments only by beeing angry about something or someone. Yesterday I even heard the quote "social media is dead".

What I trying to say, what I mean is not that I want complain about all that stupid people and I alone can see the problems because I am so smart, but that we all should ask ourselves what our part in that communication culture is. I think we all are part of the problems in our world, so we alone can be the solution to solve that problems. everyone of us. Do we have some kind of communication breakdown? What role do we have in it? What can we do to change it? And how should we change it?

Maybe we can make a change.


Published on  14.03.2017