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#journal 2017 04 19

#journal 2017 03 14 ...after Ostara

An former fellow from years gone by had come to a little stepvisit to have a sneaky peak-in and then run-and-hide. Unfortunatelety he wasn't able to delete his account without my permission. I must admit, the laughter I had was a beautiful Ostara present, old wizard. I have to thank you, I am still laughing.

Ostara was again feasting on delicous treats within our family and friends, we had a good time.

More interesting was the time after Ostara. Interesting discussions, interesting topics, interesting people. I missed this other world so much and it feels good to return after five years. I found people, right in front of our noses and my eldest and I are invited to the offerings. Yay!

It's like having spring in my very bones and flesh, despite of having backache (little injury which I had gained at parcours training).

If one feels the same and reminds his or her about the sunwheel and where we were one can imagine how the pagans of old felt with the renewing sunwheel, living inmidst of nature and it's cycle. Feeling the warmth again in the bones and the rays of sun on the skin and breathing fresh new air after being incarcerate for nearly a quarter of the years cycle in the household, the whole hearth perched together.

Although I live 2000 years later with all our modern comforts and benefits and uncoupled from the processes and cycles of nature, I can still feel the same, the warmth returning to the bones, Belenos light on my skin and the fresh air in my loungs.

We are just the same old apes as millenia before.


Published on  19.04.2017