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#journal 2017 05 24 Raidho and wolves

Things that happend:


We had a nice Beletonia with friends and family on the dawn of day at the top of the cliffs nearby. We had a good time with our nonpagan friends and the kids enjoyed the dawning of Sulis at the beginn of summertime and the feasting afterwards.

As we made our way down, we discovered a new path, we didn't had known before and there, some steps down  a crossing of three ways is a rough tumulus of rock. We do not know who made what tumulus, but it seems to be some kind of work to assemble all of these rocks to that large heap.

After a few days, we visitied the crossing again and saw that some fellows added two flat stones on the tip of the Raidho-stone. This place seems to be visited frequently by all kinds of pagans I assume.

I asked our new friends from the local asatru hearth group if they have any knowledge about that place or the people, but unfortunately noone seems to know nothing for sure.

Raidho stands for travel, riding, movement journey and quest.

My eldest son and I were to a moot of the mentioned local asatru hearth. We met new and interesting people and had some interesting conversations. Thoughts and ideas were exchanged and the invitation to the moot had been repeated and we will gladful follow it.

I made, after a long long time I didn't had done that, some simple carving work for the wife of mine as an offering. I think this will not be the last work of its kind and I hope to get better by the time.



Published on  24.05.2017