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#journal 2017-06-29 Day one, Thurssdag

Day one, Thursdag evening

Wickbeke, Germany

The "Chieftain" is packed full with kids and stuff and so on. Our Journey starts at 20:00 o clock. I enjoy the empty roads and the silence on long distance tours. The speedways there nearly empty. Get to Hamburg without problems heading north and then it happend. I missed a departure so we had to drive round Hamburg on the east. Didn´t matter. We are heading north. The skies are draining the roads with big drops of rain. Everything is damp, bloody weather.
I like the idea of my little daughter to wake up and see the sea first, so I programmed Mr.Navigator to a landmark in a bay at the shore of the eastern sea north of Kiel/Germany. Mr. Navigator is an asshole. What seems to be a green landstrip is a half a harbour, half an industrial site. But we find the possibly smallest beach in the world and stopped the chieftain there. It is 01:00 in the morning and we changed the chieftain in settlement mode.


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Published on  05.07.2017