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#journal 2017-07-01 Day three, Laugrdag

Day three, Laugrdag

Island of Rømø

Awoke in the morning dawn. water is running down the front screen. Everything is damp. No coffee. Children wont get up. Me neither. Breakfast in the morning rain. Denmark is soaked in rain. After a short breakfast we were heading to Lakolk, fetching coffe-to-go from the lokal supermarket, then we were heading to the western shore.
You can drive on the shore with the car, even with a big car. Amazing, but my wife was begging to stop the care early enough because she was afraid that the tide could come up and take the car with it. Followed by my eldest and my little daughter I walked the last 800m to the shore, standing barefoot in the waves, wind howling. Rain stopped for several minutes, so at least its some kinda dry.

I tried to take som diesel for the "Chieftain" and was startled about the danish concept of automatic gasstations.  I asked the clergywoman why I cant get some diesel and she meant "Das ist, weil du net bezåhlt hast." I had to pay before tanking via creditcard. I dont know if my bank take a fee from me for this kind of transactions so I drove off to the next station a several meters ahead. Fortunately you can pay in cash before you fill up your car. Insane.

Skaerbaek, Denmark

We were leaving Rømø at nearly 09:00 heading north to Ribe. Made a halt in Skaerbaek for coffee and something to eat for the kids. We found out that the danish have other understandings of how to make a living. Having a little problems with understanding the whole moneystuff, still feels uncomfortable not paying in €uro.We were amazed that the people all speak so well german here and a salesman told us "Wenn du zu doof bist D´dänisch zu sprechen, dann müssen wir wohl deutsch reden", When we are to stupid to speak dansk, the danish must speak german. Maybe he is right and the german are to stupid to learn about foreign languages, but in my opinion it is german arrogance.

Maybe Skaerbaek is nice. But we don´t really feel at home, so we head to Ribe.

Ribe, Denmark

Ribe is a nice City. We arrived and soon the weather lightens up. We parked the car and strolled around the city, having a look at some harbour event, strolling the shops, walked the roads of the beatifull centre (Denmarks oldest village they claim), and had a nice time. We were missing the beach, as we found out, Ribe is not direct to the shore as we assumed. We left Ribe and picked up some goods in a nearby supermarket, heading to Munkesøgård, there we will stay the time we were here.


We should have been there very quickly, if we did not have had taken the wrong road. Bakkevey down, then Seemvej, found out we are wrong, want to turn and then ... stranded. One of our backwheels wont get back on the road again. The "Chieftain had liying there like a dead whale on the shore. We tried to rescue the "Chieftain" from its misery. After nearly two hours a friendly danish farmer rescued us out our unfortunate position and we arrived finally Munkesøgard.



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Published on  05.07.2017