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#journal 2017-06-30 Day two, Frijadag


Day two, Frijasdag, Dawning

Somewhere near Eckernförde, Germany

Woke up. Cold. Damp. No coffee. This must be that the Vikings called Helheimr. Siblings happy. Found worlds smallest beach and found even two shells. Joy.
Changing the Chieftain into journey mode and heading north. Feeling tired. Stopping at a supermarket in some godsforsaken village. Get some coffee, do toiletstuff, brushing teeth and so on. Breakfast.
We are heading north. It´s raining. Taranis is gracious with his offerings. Great.

Hedeby, Germany

We reach Hedeby at 08:30. The Museum is closed for restoration (we knewed that) but the viking village and the excavation site are visitable. The rain is less wet so it seems. We buy some tickets and wander along the Danewerk to the excavationsite. Interestingly they found the foundations of a pit house in the cementary field which is, according to the archeologists, unusual for this site and they did not expect that.
Wandering to the village. The replicas of the houses are great! The thatched roofs, the woodworks, and the crafting tools are great. The sleeping sites give a good insight of how they lived on a daily basis in the times of Ragnar Lodrbrok and Widukind. No private rooms or seperate chambers but common rooms for all the inhabitants to stay warm in the winter. The boat rebuilds are nice too. I liked the crafting tool replicas.
The bronzesmith shows a schoolclass how to cast Mjöllmirs, and we can watch him pouring the liquid metal into the speckstone mold.
The rain gets heavier. Otherwise than planned we leave soaking wet Haithabu. We are heading north.
We cross the border to Denmark at roundabout 12 o´ clock, changed some money and get totally confused about our whereabouts. After a short Þing we decided to went to the isle of Rømø.



Rømø, Denmark

Rømø is nice, really, but it would be far more nice if it had not been raining all the time. Drove round the isle and take a look until we finally landed at the mall at Lakolk. Prices were awesome and we finally found out that the danish have a perverted sense of taste for sweet stuff. You could literally smell the sugar a mile ahead.After a short visit at the western shore we made home at a parking bay, switching the "Chieftain" to settlement mode. Playing games with the kids, when go off to sleep.



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Published on  05.07.2017