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#journal 2017-07-03 Day five, Mondag

Ribe, Denmark

Stood up early. Ran around the lake with wife and sibbling. Weather was shit.


We visited the Viking museum of Ribe. It was a very nice day. We did this trip with our two younger kids, our eldest was on exploration elsewhere in Ribe.

They had a interesting exhibition about the viking harbour Ribe and the medieval town of Ribe there. Instead of telling boring stuff I show you some impressions.



They had also a play area in the cellar for the kids where they can dress up in viking or medieval clothes and play around with wooden swords and so in dioramalike scenes. The danish seem to love kids. A thing that I miss in germany.

On the first floor is a room entitled "Asgard" where kids can learn about the creation of the world and of mankind through the hand of the viking gods and read the "Valhalla"-comics or play around with rune blocks.







Published on  05.07.2017