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#journal 2017-07-02 Day four, Sunnadag

Island of Mandø, Denmark

Stood up early in the morning, running round the Munkesø with my wife. Weather was shit. This should be holidays, this should be fun. After a short counselling with our fellows we decided to visit the beach near Ribe. What happen to be a "badestrandet" in our imagination showed up to be the "Kammerslusen", a known watergate at the shore, sourrounded by dikes, complete with the mandantory sheeps. The wind blew that hard that I had felt my backteeth trembling. But no pain no gain, we decided to go further ashore and visit the Island Mandø.

You can enter the Island with a car or a bike over a land bridge, or you can decide to take the "Traktorbussen". We did the last and I think this is not the worst idea if your not familiar with the tides. We saw some pictures of cars getting caught by the tides and the imaginaton of my beloved chariot drained in salty waters and entangled in tang and dirt made my heart ache.

At the start place of the Traktorbussen is the "Vadethavecentre" the Mudflat-Center which was expensive and was let out by that reason but looks extreme impressive because it looks like its made of thatch all around.

The Traktorbussen took us out on the land bridge over the sea through the mudflat in a boneshaking wind that had chilled my entrails. And I grew up in sight of the shore.

The Island was nice, scenic and delightful and the shore was beautiful mud-flat and algae and wind and I was cold so I wander around to get some coffee. To be honest. Mandø is quiet, nice and lovely, but neither impressive or adventurous. But it didnt meant to be.

After a few hours we drove back with the Traktorbussen, but this time through the mud-flat and the saltwater.  That was impressive. I could literally hear the saltwater gnawing at the steel of the Traktorbussen, changing steel and iron to rust and decay with tiny little teeth.

If you want to have a lovely day at the shore with your kids I can recommend Mandø. It's a nice, quiet and peaceful place.




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Published on  05.07.2017