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#journal 2017-07-06 Day eight, Thursdag

Today weather was great. sky was blue and sun shone bright.

Kammerslusen, nearby Ribe

Got up in the early hours of the morning. My eldest prepared breakfast whilst I was showering the sleep away. We met Sune at the Kammerslusen at 05:30 and entered his boat "Martha" to drove out with the lower tide to the sandbanks in the west. We passed the seals colony ("dumb as fuck those guys" meant Sune) and landed on "our" sandbank.

Sune told us where to lookout and what to search and we made some bounty, not as much as Sune though, but fair enough I think. We learned about the viking past of denmark and told Sune about the german heritage of our homeland, learned about the tides and the sea and found big seashells and a sea urchin skeleton and even a sharks scab. 

We made our way back to the boat at 09:30 because Sune had to go to work and on our way back Phelan was allowed to steer the boat while Sune refilled the gas. The gates of the Kammerslusen were closed, so we tied the boat at the outer gates and our ways parted, but Sune invited us to his reenactor-groups fighting training in the evening.




City of Ribe, Denmark

Our fellows went all together to Billund, Legoland, but we decided to visit the Viking Centre of Ribe today. It is amazing how the danish behave to kids, how kind they are and how polite. We met a lot of nice people and learned a lot about Ribes past.

The monk Ansgar is told to had been allowed to erect a church within the borders of Ribe under the allowance of King Hrorik. It has been thought as a tale till new findings had shown that roundabout 800 CE christians had been buried within the borders of Ribe in accordance to the christian rites and with christian findings, so the Viking Center of Ribe started to built a scandinavian wooden vikingen kirke which is despite beeing a christian temple in all meanings fair and beautiful and a excellent piece of handcraft.

The Viking Center also is rebuilding the harbour of ancient Ribe complete with boats. We had a longer talk to the local carpenter, a german fellow, who is hired for the harbour project fulltime, who is building on a small viking boat with the original tools of trade and the original materials. The craft of his art is amazing to see and I would like to return to see his work completed.

The Skald Bjoerk was doing lot of games with the kids and played music on his pipe and his Lyra. We talked about notes and pipes and I was allowed to play his Lyra which has a fair sound. I asked him about bone pipes which I heared would be made in the Viking centre, but he did not know anyone who carve them, but he sended me to the Vølva.

The Vølva, we learned, made bonepipes by herself and we had an interesting chat about ancient notes and music among other things.

We saw a lot of more and talked to a lot of more people, but this should give you an impression about our day in ancient Ribe.

Unfortunately we missed Sune and his fellows, so we cant watch him and his fighting group training.


Tomorrow we will leave so I took out some things and selfmade mjød from our honey and went to a place near the Munkesø there two creek branches unite to a bigger one and made preparation for the journey. He brought us this far, so I asked him to bring us even back save.,-anno-860.aspx



Published on  07.07.2017