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#journal 2017-07-04 Day six, Ziusdag

Weather is windy and clouded. Ran not around the lake, because I felt like I took an arrow to the knee. Instead, had done Yoga with wife. Sun peaked out between the clouds from time to time.

Sædding north of Esbjerg, Denmark

We moved this day to the Badestrandet of Sædding, north the harbour of Esbjerg. On our way, we come through the harbour and saw an enormous shippingground for the windmills they produce here. The pure size of the wingblades and the towers standing in rows are awesome. Denmark is doing a lot in windenergy due to its optimal wind conditions.

Esbjerg, I learned, is the 5th greatest town in Denmark. For me as a "thyske kartoffler" it is hard to believe, for we have urban areas like the "Ruhrpott" were you have the feeling of one giant urban area of cities melting into each other.

We stopped at the beach in Sædding not only because one can swim here, but also for the "Mennesket ved Havet", the men at sea, a group a four giant sculptures, sitting there facing the sea, the size and form of the statue of Pharao Ramses in Abu Simbel.

I promised myself to have a nude bath in the sea and so I did. The danish made photos. Merely because it was fucking cold as for me being nude. It was fucking cold. I thought a moment my testicles will become tonsils. It was that cold. If you want to see me nude look out for crazy german nude at beach in Sædding at Facebook or Pinterest. I think someone will have posted it. If you found it, send me an email. I aint got photos.

After getting dressed and having a walk with the family and harvest seashells, crabshells and adder stones we went back to Ribe, filling our stocks. We are getting better with our danish every day I think.

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Published on  05.07.2017