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#journal 2017-07-05 Day seven, Wodansdag

Weather good. Sun shone. Ran around the lake with wife. Nice day. Discovered a way in direction to the Munkesø, will explore later. Had breakfast. Live is good.

Sædding north of Esbjerg, Denmark

Drove again to that beach with the sculptures with the whole fellowship of ours. Had a really nice day. Harvest adderstones and seashells again. "Chieftain" smells like the bloody Black Pearl. Took a swim (with pants on) with my eldest whom hurt himself on the chest whilst diving and get cutted at a stone. Looked creepey but was not a deep cut.

Sunny and warm, but the wind had blown from the sea. Wife had been chilled to the bone, were nearly blue. We called her "Frostköttel". Was not amused.

Drove back home to have a quick lunch and then leave for important appontment in Ribe.

Sune Tattoo, City of Ribe, Denmark

Drove to Ribe with family. Younger son went off fishing. Visit Sune at his Tattoo-Studio in the Stampemøllevej in Ribe. Getting first Tattoo ever. Yay!

We get tattooed by Jacob who made refineries at my "artwork" which means he did it all anew by himself. Did marvellous work on our family tattoo. My eldest and I get tattooed by Jacob whilst my youngest get the same tattoo painted with a tattoomarker by Sune.

Sune did not only look like a viking, he do also viking reenactment at the Viking Center and has his own battleaxe. He also have two pugs, his own Koi-pond and a lovely wife and son.

We had some conversation whilst getting tattooed and we told him that we wanted eventually to visit the east shore. Sune promised to take us not to the east shore but to the Sælshundbanken north of Mandø with his boat the next day, before dawn.

Tomorrow I will get on the sea, with a dansk viking on his boat to find the tears of the sun on the isle of seals. One could weave a story bout that.

Maybe we can make it tomorrow to his and his fellows battle training at the vikings centre.

Tomorrow will be amazing.



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Published on  07.07.2017