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#journal-2017-09-10 Lazy town

I was lazy keeping up with this journal, mostly because life is a busy thing to do. I will do better in future, I promise.


What happend? Lot of work to do, lot of renovation in the house. Lot of sports.

Two old "friends" of mine showed up on this domain. Sad to say that one revealed as a member of the identarian movement and I dismissed him. This and the events in Charlotteville and in Germany the last years made me think out loud about a code of ethics for my side (which you can find in the upper menu bar). The other old "friend"  of mine had to think how to avoid  to distance himself from racism, sexism and facism and so I decide to dismiss him too from my board.

I don't need "friends" which rather walk about the corpses of people which are different or think different from them than to rethink their point of view. We have enough of this bunch running around and selling bullshit.

I hang around some, lets say, pagan places. Talk to people and stuff. The following is only my perception and opinion. You dont have to agree.

I am slightly disappointed. There is no shared culture, no community, no band holding us together, no spirit that is shared between us. We are all isles among other isles. Selfishly, stupid, loud. We have no shared narrative or idea.

I decided to rather work alone on my ideas than bend and bow for the comfort of others.




Published on  10.09.2017